Ziva Sense sous-vide stick compact 800W IPX7 (25 liters)

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Sous-vide voordeelbundel

Inclusief gratis sous-vide tabel en sous-vide isolatieballen (250 stuks) t.w.v. €29,95 (voldoende voor 7 en 12 liter reservoir)

Ziva Sense Energy Saver Deluxe bundel

Voor échte sous-vide kenners!

Met deze bundel wordt je bad fluisterstil, super energiezuinig en is er bijna geen waterverlies. Je hoeft dus geen water bij te vullen tijdens lange bereidingen. Daarnaast hoeft je kostbare sous-vide machine véél minder hard te werken en dat is gunstig voor de levensduur van je apparaat. Het deksel zorgt dat er vrijwel geen waterdamp meer ontsnapt dus en het luxe scheidingsrekje met bodemrooster zorgt dat je porties (tot 6 stuks) perfect gescheiden blijven en bovendien vrij van de bodem liggen zodat het water optimaal circuleert.

Nog geen vacuümmachine in huis? Overweeg dan dit voordeelpakket. Een vacuümmachine verbeterd de kwaliteit van uw sous-vide bereidingen aanzienlijk. Bekijk al onze vacuümmachines.

Discover reliable and affordable sous-vide

With this complete sous-vide discount bundle you immediately have everything you need to discover sous-vide. Also great as a gift! With the compliments of Kenners.

The Ziva Sense sous-vide stick is designed with a strong focus on reliability, because there is nothing more annoying than discovering in the morning that the device has failed and you can throw everything away. The smart design (electronics as far as possible from the water and vapor), IPX7 housing, waterproof touch control and a second digital backup thermostat (which can take over temporarily) make the Ziva Sense the most reliable sous-vide stick in our range ever.

  • High reliability through experience and innovations
    To ensure that the chance of malfunction and damage is as small as possible, we have addressed the most common problems with sous-vide sticks, such as short circuit / damage from water (vapor) and the unexpected failure of the stick during the process. Unfortunately, we saw these complaints a lot with other affordable sous-vide sticks and one of the spearheads in the design of the Ziva Sense sous-vide stick has been.
  • A second backup thermostat for extra reliability!
    If the sous-vide stick fails unexpectedly, you can often throw your meat away the next morning. That is a shame and can be prevented. The second digital thermostat takes over automatically (temporarily) so that the bath remains at the right temperature.
  • We keep sensitive electronics out of reach of steam!
  • Electronics and water are not a great mix. That is why the Ziva Sense already has a protection class of IPX7. But water vapor is still a significant risk and this has been taken into account in the design of the Ziva Sense: by keeping the most sensitive electronics completely out of reach of steam, the chance of malfunctions and damage is significantly reduced.
  • IPX7: Immersion proof
  • This sous-vide stick will not be damaged by a short submersion in water to a maximum depth of 1 meter.

Super fast and affordable service in case of problems

In addition, you will always receive the best service from us and if there is a problem, we will (usually) solve this completely free of charge and super fast within the warranty period. But even outside the warranty conditions, you can count on a repair being solved super fast within one week of receipt and very cheaply.

Free sous-vide descaler worth € 9.95

Our sous-vide descaler (powder) is specifically intended for the thorough cleaning and descaling of sous-vide devices, which is why you get it from us for free with this sous-vide stick. Enough for 2 to 5 times descaling! This descaling powder descales thoroughly but does not damage your sous-vide machine and the vulnerable parts! With Ziva sous-vide descaler, you can enjoy your sous-vide equipment for longer and without any problems.

Simple operation with an accuracy of 0.5ºC

You can easily set the temperature by means of the "scroll wheel" on the front of the device with an accuracy of 0.5ºC. This increases ease of use and is sufficient for the average home user. However, the temperature is measured and displayed in 0.1ºC. With the intuitive LCD Touch control display you can accurately set the desired duration and temperature, after which the sous-vide controller cooks the food perfectly to your liking, time after time.

Features of the Ziva Sense sous-vide stick

  • Extra reliable due to smart innovations:
    • electronics out of reach of steam
    • second backup thermostat
  • More than enough power (800W)
  • Maximum reservoir: 25 liters
  • Temperature range: max. 85ºC
  • Temperature accuracy: 0.1ºC
  • Control accuracy: 0.5ºC
  • Very compact, sturdy and very stylish
  • Stainless steel parts never rust
  • Easy to disassemble and clean
  • Timer up to 60 hours with acoustic signaling
  • Ideal mounting, fits on almost any reservoir (up to 30mm wall thickness)
  • Simple operation via LCD Touch Control
  • Warranty: 2 years with excellent conditions and service
  • Recommended accessories:

Need a good sous-vide reservoir?

Sous-vide expert recommends unbreakable transparent polycarbonate reservoirs for use with our sous-vide controllers. The material does not become soft due to the warm water and the outside does not get as hot as a steel (soup) pan. Moreover, it immediately serves as a sous-vide storage box.

Wow your friends with perfectly finished meat?

The Hendi crème brûlée burner - refillable is ideal for an optimal finish of meat after sous-vide preparation. Forget that frying pan! With a temperature of up to 1300ºC you can sear your sous-vide prepared meat product in no time and you get a beautiful wafer-thin crispy brown layer ( maillard reaction ) without further cooking the meat. Fast, simple and professional!

What is sous vide cooking?

Read our extensive article here: https://www.sousvidekenner.nl/wat-is-sous-vide/

Sous-vide (French for "under vacuum") means that vacuum packed food is heated for a longer period of time by means of steam or in a water bath at a relatively low, constant and exact temperature (approx. 0.1 ºC). By heating the food to below boiling point, it cooks slowly but surely thoroughly, while for example meat remains perfectly tender and all juices, and therefore flavors, are preserved. In short, always evenly cooked and maximum taste, and also super easy to use. Sous-vide is really for everyone

Product type:
Sous-vide sticks
Warranty :
2 year
103 x 75 x 220 mm
Power rating:
800 W

Handleiding Ziva Sense sous-vide stick (Instruction_manual_sous-vide_stick_v2a.pdf, 502 Kb) [Download]