Gyuto (chef's knife)

The Gyuto (Literally: Cow Sword) is an adaptation of the French chef's knife profile for the Japanese market. While the name 'cow sword' would mean this knife is for meat only, its versatility is the same as a santoku and can be used as a knife for any task. Many would consider a gyuto or chef's knife the only essential knife for any kitchen where all other knives are secondary.
Compared to a German-style chef's knife, a gyuto has a somewhat flatter profile: this profile lends itself well to push-cut, which is common for Japanese chefs, as opposed to rock-chopping. A Gyuto is thinner than most European chef's knives, both the cutting edge and the back of the knife. This gives the knife less lateral flexibility and you must therefore make sure that you do not turn / pry the knife with cutting to prevent damage to the knife.

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