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Ziva Sense + Ziva OneTouch + 12 liter container package
Save 27%
Power rating800 W
Ziva Savant + Ziva OneTouch + 12 liter water bowl bundle
Save 27%
Power rating800 W
Internal dimensions (LxWxH)25 x 16 (2x) 33 (1x) x 9 cm

Kiritsuke knives are a hybrid design combining features of Japanese usubas and yanagibas. Usubas are dedicated vegetable knives while yanagibas are used to slice raw fish for sushi, as a consequence the kiritsuke is intended as a general purpose knife for use in preparing traditional Japanese cuisine. Many kiritsuke knives retain the single bevel design of the usuba and yanagiba so users should be aware of what using and maintaining single bevel knives entails. A number of makers now produce double bevel kiritsukes, often called kiritsuke gyutos, for western users who appreciate the striking aesthetics of the profile but need the added versatility of a double bevel grind. The kiritsuke’s reverse tanto profile makes the pointed tip very nimble but also delicate while the flat profile lends itself well to chopping and push cutting. Users who like the aesthetics of the kiritsuke might also consider a banno bunka, a smaller knife with a similar profile.

Delivery on 13 june
Delivery on 13 june