Robert Herder

Robert Herder

Windmühlenmesser-Manufactory Solingen
Windmühlenmesser - Manufacturer Robert Herder has been manufacturing knives of exceptional quality and shape since time immemorial. Our positive approach to craftsmanship is the foundation that still allows us to identify and appreciate Solingen's old crafts today. It forms the basis for our desire to maintain and continue to support the existing know-how.

We are confident that with our craftsmanship we produce better and more carefully crafted knives than other knife manufacturers. Our motto: "Good knives are made by hand." The craftsmanship of our grinders and fine glass grinders, especially that of our "blue polished" grinders, plays an important role. This work requires great precision, skill, patience and a good eye to achieve the required quality.

Because this work is the work of the master sharpeners, we call the blue-polished blades "Today's Masterpieces".

Rond 6 juli in huis
Rond 6 juli in huis
Rond 6 juli in huis
Rond 6 juli in huis
Rond 6 juli in huis
Rond 6 juli in huis
Rond 6 juli in huis
Robert Herder Officemes met middenspits lemmet 9 cm K1M
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