Ziva sous-vide vacuum bags relief Medium 20x30cm (100pcs)

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  • Optimized for sous-vide temperatures up to 80 ° C (24 hours) & 85 ° C (1 hour)
  • Safer for your health and tasteless and odorless
  • Do not contain BPAs (bisphenol A), lead or phthalate
  • Extra strong and tear resistant: 100µm thick with no less than 5 layers
  • With food-safe metallocene for extra strong welding seam (seal)
  • Suitable for use in the freezer down to -20 ° (unlimited duration).
  • Suitable for all modern vacuum packaging machines .

These high-quality, extra food-safe, embossed vacuum packaging bags from Ziva have been specially developed for the sous-vide cooking process up to 80 ° C for up to 24 hours. This is more than sufficient for almost all meat dishes. These vacuum bags can be heated up to 85 ° C for a maximum of 1 hour to prepare vegetables. By optimizing the temperature resistance, these vacuum bags are extra food-safe and not only a lot better for your health, but also cheaper too!

These embossed vacuum bags are extra strong and tear resistant, thanks to 5 layers of PE and PA, with a total thickness of no less than 100 µm. The vacuum packaging bags are suitable for an unlimited period in the freezer (down to -20 °). Tested and certified according to the highest European standards. These vacuum cooking bags are free of BPA (Bisphenol A), food safe and do not give off any odor or taste, even at high temperatures. With Ziva vacuum cooking bags you don't have to worry: we guarantee the top quality of these bags!

Features of Ziva sous-vide embossed vacuum bags

  • Dimensions (width x length): 200 x 300 mm
  • Packing quantity: 100 pcs
  • Special pattern on the inside promotes air movement and higher negative pressure
  • Inner layer of Polyethylene is suitable for contact with food.
  • Multiple layers of Polyamide (Nylon) for extra strength and airtightness.
Product type:
Vacuum bags embossed
Warranty :
2 jaar
Suitable for series:
  • Alle vacuümmachines

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