Wartmann 1507 (1300W) sous-vide discount bundle with vacuum machine Slimline and 12 liter water reservoir

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Sous-vide stick Wartmann WM-1507 SV

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Wartmann vacuum machine WM-1507 SL

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Ziva Sous-vide waterbak (kies uw afmeting)

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Ziva sous-vide vacuümzakken reliëf 15x25cm  (100 stuks)

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Ziva sous-vide descaling powder

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Want to discover or give sous-vide as a gift reliably and inexpensively?

With this complete sous-vide discount bundle you immediately have everything you need to discover sous-vide. Also very nice as a gift! We have put together the best components into a complete sous-vide package of the best possible quality so that you can start cooking with sous-vide right away. With compliments and excellent service from Kenners.

We grant everyone sous-vide and that is why the price of this bundle is unbelievably low! Perfect for yourself or as a gift. We give everyone the opportunity to get started with sous-vide super cheaply with almost everything you need, including a sous-vide water bowl for about 10 servings. Then there may still be some for nice accessories, such as a good recipe book for inspiration , a burner for professional finish (crust) or a smoker for a very special taste .

Tip! Cold smoking gives a delicious extra flavor to your dishes. It even works with ice! View our Hendi smoking bundle Compact Deluxe with smoking device, bell jar and 4 flavors of wood moth .

Included in this sous-vide discount set

Recommended by sous vide experts!

This affordable bundle has been specially compiled by SousVidekenner and Wartmann so that everyone can discover sous-vide cooking this Christmas. Our products are our best-selling sous vide and vacuum packing products, and are all you need to get started right away. Invite your family and friends to an incredible Christmas dinner! They will all be amazed at the quality of your dishes. Promised!

Meat and vegetables have never tasted as good as with sous-vide. And it is still easy because sous-vide is stress-free and with our handy table you always know exactly what to do. We have also included sufficient vacuum bags so you can fully go ahead and plenty of experiments if necessary.

Tips from SousvideKenner

Wartmann WM 1507-SV: most powerful sous vide circulator!

The renewed Wartmann WM-1507 SV sous-vide controller is the successor of the Wartmann WM-1506 SV. This sous-vide circulator is a high-quality and robust immersion heater that can take a beating but nevertheless has a very attractive appearance. The glossy black, the silver accents, the stainless steel parts and the curved shape give the device an elegant, luxurious appearance that is some kitchen will be out of place. With a power of no less than 1300 watts, it is the most powerful sous-vide circulator we know. As a result, the Wartmann WM-1507 SV sous-vide controller heats up a water bath up to 25 liters effortlessly, and also keeps it at the right temperature easily. Read more on the product page .

Wartmann WM-1604: economical vacuum machine for the home

Ease of use was central to the development of this vacuum device. That starts with closing the lid: pressing the lid briefly in the corners is enough to lock it. Additional functions are available for vacuum packaging delicate or moist foods. You can easily set the type of food on the clear control panel. You then automatically package your food with one key. With this vacuum device you can also store food in vacuum boxes. The control button is located under the lid so that you can always access it easily.

Need a good sous-vide reservoir?

Sousvidner recommends unbreakable transparent polycarbonate reservoirs for use with our sous-vide controllers. The material does not soften due to the warm water and the outside does not get as hot as a steel (soup) pan. In addition, it immediately serves as a sous-vide storage box.

Stunning friends with perfectly finished meat?

The Hendi crème brûlée burner - refillable is ideal for an optimal finish of meat after sous-vide preparation. Forget that frying pan! With a temperature of up to 1300ºC you can sear your sous-vide prepared meat product in no time and you get a beautifully wafer-thin crispy brown layer ( maillard reaction ) without further cooking the meat. Fast, simple and professional!

What is sous vide cooking?

Read our extensive article here: https://www.sousvidekenner.nl/wat-is-sous-vide/

Sous-vide (French for "under vacuum") means that vacuum-packed food is heated for a longer period of time by means of steam or in a water bath at a relatively low, constant and exact temperature (approx. 0.1 ° C). By heating the food below boiling point, it slowly but surely cooks through, for example, meat remains perfectly tender and all juices, and therefore flavors, are preserved. In short, always evenly cooked and maximum taste, and super easy to use. Sous-vide is really for everyone!

Warranty :
2 jaar
Power rating:
1300 W
Size of reservoir:
Medium (12L)
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